United's second-tier cities in China campaign

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Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, according to reports, with Europe and the Middle East aviation enterprises gradually developed second-tier cities in China routes, United Airlines (UA) plans to become the first direct flights to China's second-tier cities in North America Airlines. According to United Airlines CEO Dan Zhihui (Jeff Smisek) introduced in the U.S. media, the company will use Boeing 787 aircraft to fly to Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and Wuhan and other Chinese second-tier cities, these cities though not shine and Beijing, Shanghai, the population has more than one million.

      These routes will guide the development of Sino-US market reached a new high, from the Chinese point of view is essential, is expected to become China's most profitable and most stable long routes markets. However, the U.S. aviation enterprises, the need to carefully evaluate the long-term gains.