Company Introduction

Pilot Aircraft Corp has offices locating in both California USA and Guangzhou China. We are providing aircraft parts and GSE to aviation market in both China and US market.
Pilot Aircraft Corp is a CAAC certified PMA; we don't only distribute high quality aircraft parts/GSE to our customers, but also we also provide engineering services and PAC brand tools and PMA parts,and our engineering team can provide customized engineering tools and equipment.
With integrated purchasing and selling channels in both USA and China's market.,We are committed to provide our best products and services to the industry.

Aviation Supplies
- Standard Parts
--- Seals , fasteners , bearings, filtration products , lamps , etc.
- Rotables
--- Avionics systems , hydraulic systems, power units , etc.
Air Tools and Equipment
- Special tools
- Universal Tool
- Maintenance of tools and equipment procurement program
Airport Related Products
- The introduction of foreign advanced equipment and design solutions
Aviation industry and military products

- The provision of aviation , military industry common equipment.

Air Materiel rental, price reversal

- Make full use of e-commerce, as airlines reduce inventory , save costs, reduce time -outs , improve work efficiency. Currently our company has signed agreements with a number of major repair plant.

Air Materiel repair
- Division I with a number of domestic and international aviation equipment maintenance company and factory for collaboration to help customers repair agent .
R & D and production of aviation products
- With the development of China's aviation industry , our company with a number of well-known manufacturers to discuss cooperation , based on market and customer needs, development and production of new products, alternative products, in order to reduce the overall cost of maintenance of the aircraft. Our company has a wealth of inventory , market-oriented , providing customers with high-quality, efficient service. We are equipped with an aviation industry has extensive knowledge and master high-tech , attention to management and quality , good market competition excellent team. We have 24 hours to provide business and technical support. Customer service and grow with our customers is our goal . We always keep in mind the customer's needs, intentions , and strive to make every thing to meet every challenge with confidence ! Our staff is willing to work with you to create a better future !

Company Qualification