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DC-8 73 F Cargo aircraft is for sale


Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)
Hybrid ENC Technology in a Supra Aural (Rest on Ear) Headset Design Leading edge technology and sleek, supra aural design puts the new DC PRO-X a generation ahead of any other aviation headset in its class.

Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)
Supra Aural, Panel Mount, Hybrid ENC Headset
The DC PRO-XP offers all the comfort, technology and performance features of the DC PRO-X, but has a 6-pin, panel mount plug for connecting to the aircraft panel.

Fixed Wing Headsets (Passive)
Classic Comfort and Reliable Performance
The H10-13.4 is one of the best selling headsets in the aviation industry. Proven, reliable performance and remarkable comfort have made the H10-13.4 the top choice for thousands of pilots.

Helicopter Headsets (Passive)
Rugged Reliability and Dependable Performance
The H10-13H is one of our best selling helicopter headsets, based on the proven design of the H10-13.4 headset.

Helicopter Headsets (ENC)
Portable ENC Technology in our Most Popular Headset Design
The H10-13HXL gives helicopter pilots all the comfort, durability and performance they need, with the added benefit of modular ENC portability in a classic headset design.

Helicopter Headsets (ENC)
ENC Performance in a Panel-Mount Configuration.The H10-13HXP headset provides outstanding ENC active noise reduction, but includes a panel-mount module for utilizing the aircraft's power source.

Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)
Best Value ENC Headset, Hardwired.The H10-13X is a great value for pilots seeking clear, quiet Electronic Noise-Cancelling performance.

Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)
Portable ENC Technology in a Proven Headset Design.Enjoy the added quiet and clarity of Electronic Noise-Cancelling technology with modular portability.

Fixed Wing Headsets (ENC)
ENC Performance in a Panel-Mount Configuration

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