PMAT2000 数据装载机




Teledyne Controls’ PMAT 2000® Data Loading Kit P2K-ABF-02 to Address Airbus Aircraft Configuration ChangesTeledyne Controls’ PMAT 2000® Airbus kit provides an integrated convenient portable data loading solution to support avionic systems and eliminate the dependency upon floppy disks. It allows the customer to load ARINC 615 and 615A devices from their PMAT 2000® system without having to take media to the aircraft since   all of the data is stored internally.

The PMAT 2000® Airbus kit is a complete and tested solution which meets Airbus’ functional and security requirements for portable data loaders. With this kit, Airbus operators can use one loader for FlySmart with Airbus as well as avionics.





Airbus Aircraft Configuration Changes January 2012
■ A320 – ATA 31 : MDDU removed as of MSN 4991
■ A330 – ATA 45 : MDDU removed as of MSN 1175 (Freighter), MSN 1287 (PAX)





PMAT 2000® 特点
■ Used for ARINC 615, ARINC 615A LoadStar®
■ Validated by Airbus against current LRU and software parts on SA and LR aircraft
■ Supports new format of multiple ARINC 615 parts on CD ROM
■ Security module meets Airbus requirements X03D10005195
■ Supports FlySmart with Airbus Data Loading (optional)
■ WiFi available



装载线缆 80955-1
■ Used for ARINC 615, ARINC 615A loading
■ Used in place of the 80030-4 ARINC 615/615A loading cable
■ Orange cable to meet Airbus safety standards
■ Included in the PMAT 2000® kit and sold with the PMAT 2000® software upgrade